What to Do If You Have Severe Pain After a Root Canal

Pain after a root canal can be confusing for many people. On one hand, root canals have long been associated with discomfort, which can lead patients to assume that their experiences are normal. However, there’s more to the story than this. If you’re having severe pain, we’ll look at why this might be and what you can do.

What Type of Pain Is Normal After a Root Canal

A root canal is a fairly invasive procedure in the dental world, which means that some discomfort is entirely normal. If the tooth is sore and tender but you can manage it with over-the-counter oral anesthetics or painkillers, it’s not a cause for concern. While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, the general idea is that you shouldn’t be concerned just because it hurts to chew or you have a dull ache in the background.

What Constitutes Severe Pain?

root canal specialist in Thornton, CO, will tell you that if you can’t go about your everyday life because you’re in too much pain, it’s time to call the dentist. In the case of moderate pain after a root canal, you may just need a prescription painkiller rather than an over-the-counter version. In the case of truly severe pain, though, you may have an infection or complication that needs immediate treatment from a dentist. It’s worth noting that these issues are rare, but they do happen.

When to See a Root Canal Specialist in Thornton

If you’re experiencing severe pain and need a root canal treatment in Thornton, CO, you may want to consider seeing a new practice. At Colorado Root Canal Specialist, our staff can examine you to see whether you need additional care to address the pain and protect the tooth in question.

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