Benefits You Can Expect from a Root Canal

When people talk about getting aroot canal in Thornton, CO, they often focus on the expected discomfort of the procedure. However, painful root canals are no longer a reality. According to the American Association of Endodontics, the procedure is virtually painless and produces less discomfort than a tooth extraction.

What is the Purpose of a Root Canal?

The inside of each tooth contains a chamber with blood vessels and pulp. If the blood vessels or pulp become infected, you can experience significant pain. The infection can even spread to other parts of your body or require you to have the tooth removed. A root canal saves your natural tooth and preserves your oral health.

During the procedure, Dr. Robert McBride or Dr. Jacob Surjan uses dental instruments to get inside your tooth and remove the infection. You receive anesthesia at the start of the procedure to ensure your comfort. After removing the diseased pulp, your dentist places a cap over it to prevent future repeat infections.

Benefits of Having a Root Canal

The best outcome of a root canal is saving your natural tooth. Without prompt treatment for the infection, you could experience many additional oral health problems and rack up a large bill. Timely endodontic treatment allows you to continue eating your favorite foods, speak naturally, and display a beautiful smile. Most people with a root canal do not need a second one on the same tooth, although occasional exceptions do occur.

Learn More About Root Canals during a Personal Consultation

We invite you to contact Colorado Root Canal Specialist to set up a time to come in and learn more about the benefits of having aroot canal in Thornton CO. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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