When To Call The Dentist With Severe Tooth Pain

If you have severe tooth pain and aching gums, you might want to visit the Thornton, CO dentist. Dr. McBridge at Colorado Root Canal is highly trained in treating tooth pain and sensitivities. Using a root canal reduces pain at the tooth’s root, which is difficult to reach otherwise. Learn more about how our dentist can assist you with severe tooth pain and when to schedule an appointment.

What is Tooth Pain

Toothaches, bleeding gums, and infected mouth tissue can all be the source of tooth pain. Some level of inflammation generally leads to a toothache. This inflammation can be due to foreign objects, such as food, lodged into gum tissue or between teeth. Accidents and injuries to the mouth can also cause tooth pain that needs to be diagnosed and treated to avoid tooth loss.

When Should I Go to the Dentist

If left unchecked, such objects can lead to infection and spread bacteria. As a result, you can have an abscessed tooth that requires a root canal. Other reasons for tooth pain include:

  • Trauma inflicted on the mouth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Damaged or decaying tooth root

The only way to determine what is causing your tooth pain is with a visit to the dentist. Our dentist can diagnose any problems resulting in toothaches, as well as offer solutions and treatments.

Treat Tooth Pain Today in Thornton, CO

When tooth pain strikes, you want a dentist to assist you with treatments. Call our office at 303-920-9145 to schedule an appointment with our Thornton, CO dentist, Dr. McBride.

At Colorado Root Canal, we specialize in root canal therapy and endodontic surgery to repair tooth root damage. Save your teeth and stop having mouth pain with a visit to the local root canal expert.

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