When Do I Visit the Dentist for Severe Tooth Pain

At Colorado Root Canal Specialist, we work with patients who suffer from excessive tooth and gum pain. If you are experiencing chronic oral pain and inflammation, let our team of dental specialists help. Correct the issue causing tooth pain today with a diagnosis from our dentist in Thornton, CO.

What is Severe Tooth Pain

If you are wondering whether your tooth pain is considered severe, there are several indicators. First, do you suffer from red, swollen gum tissue associated with pain when biting or tooth sensitivity? This is an indication of severe tooth pain, often caused by abscesses and the need to extract a tooth.

Wisdom teeth are often removed as a result of this type of severe toothache. Other causes of severe tooth pain include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding from the gums, teeth, or tongue
  • Deep lacerations in the mouth
  • Blackened, decaying teeth
  • Cavity holes in teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Excessive loss of enamel

These dental concerns need to be addressed immediately to reduce any further health crises. For instance, teeth that are decaying or inflamed can cause sepsis in the blood, which is a fatal condition.

Why Talk to the Thornton, CO Dentist for Dental Pain

Therefore, a visit to the dentist in Thornton, CO is of the utmost urgency when dealing with severe tooth pain. The extreme and often chronic oral pain is a sign that the body needs attention in order to reduce stress and future calamities.

Treat Your Dental Trauma in Thornton, CO

Find out how our dentist can reduce your severe tooth pain and treat dental trauma in Thornton, CO. Call us at 303-920-9145 to speak with our Thornton, Colorado Root Canal Specialist today. We work with patients who have dental emergencies and oral pain.

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