Important Facts to Know About Root Cavities in Teeth

Most patients assume that when they get a cavity in one of their teeth, they will be able to clearly see that cavity to know that something is wrong. However, many patients who need a root canal in Thornton, CO are surprised to learn they have a cavity far under the gum line.

Root cavities are most common for older adults.

In order for a root cavity to develop, bacteria must gain access to the root of the tooth by bypassing the gingival tissue. Therefore, people who have healthy, complete gum tissue are not likely to have a problem. Older adults that are dealing with a lower gum margin or diseased gum tissue have teeth roots that are far more vulnerable to decay.

Root cavities can be especially painful.

Root cavities may not be directly exposed to the foods you eat or fluids you drink, so the general sensitivity that comes with a cavity may not be present. Nevertheless, these cavities can be especially painful. Most patients will feel pain when they bite down, chew, or do anything that puts pressure on the root of the tooth. You may also notice sharp pain that seems to come from within the tooth or gum soreness around the tooth.

Root canal therapy may or may not be needed.

Root canal therapy is a procedure done to replace diseased pulp within the canals of a tooth. Root cavities do not always reach into the pulp of the tooth. Even though the cavity is on the root, the cavity can be a surface-level problem that calls for a general surface-level filling. One thing to remember about root cavities is they can spread much faster than a standard cavity. The roots of your teeth are not coated with protective enamel like the exposed surfaces, which allows for decay to spread quickly. Therefore, the need for a root canal is common by the time the cavity is discovered.

Need a Root Canal Specialist in Thornton, CO?

While root cavities can be concerning, intervention with the right treatment can still potentially see the ailing tooth so it doesn’t have to be extracted. If you need a root canal in Thornton, CO, reach out to us at the Colorado Root Canal Specialist to schedule an appointment.

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