How to Recognize a Dental Emergency After a Root Canal

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, and, for most patients, the treatment is highly successful. However, just as it is after a tooth extraction, it is important to watch for signs that something is wrong with your root canal. Check out these symptoms that should spur you to visit an emergency dentist in Thornton, CO right away for an evaluation.

Severe Pain

Contrary to what a lot of patients suspect, root canals are not a painful experience. You may have some mild discomfort as the tooth heals, but you should not be in severe pain. If you are dealing with intense pain, it could be a sign of infection or an affected dental nerve.

You Spot Tooth Discoloration

If you did not get a crown after the root canal, watch out for signs the tooth is changing color. If blood flow to the tooth is impeded or the root is fractured, this can cause the tooth to change color. In some cases, the tooth can be saved, but you must visit a dentist as quickly as possible.

You See Pus or Drainage

Pus or drainage from the tooth that underwent a root canal can be a sign of infection. You may see yellow or white puss seeping from the gum line around the tooth, for example. This may even occur with pain, swelling, or fever. In any case, be sure to talk to the dentist right away for treatment.

The Tooth Feels Loose

A root canal should stabilize an ailing tooth. Therefore, you should not feel any shifting or movement after a root canal has been done. If your tooth feels loose, be sure to seek advice promptly.

Speak to a Root Canal Specialist in Thornton, CO

If you are experiencing problems with your recent root canal, it is crucial to see a Thornton root canal specialist as soon as possible. Reach out to us at Colorado Root Canal Specialist to schedule an appointment.

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