Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Retreatment  

Root canals can be so effective at preserving a tooth that has structural problems that reach below the gum line. While the treatment can be effective and long-lasting, occasionally, a root canal can have to be replaced or redone. If you are told that you need root canal retreatment, you are bound to have a few questions about the procedure and what to expect. Here are a few important things to keep in mind as you plan for the replacement of your existing root canal.

Root Canal Retreatment Is Similar to the Initial Root Canal Treatment

When you go in for retreatment, the existing root canal will be drilled away just as the dentist drilled out the affected interior tooth tissue during the first root canal. If the affected tooth has been capped with a crown, this crown may have to be removed prior to treatment. Once the existing canal is removed, the dentist will use magnifying instruments to examine the new opening and plan for the new root canal.

Retreated Teeth Can Be Just as Strong

It is easy to assume that having a tooth that has had a root canal more than once would mean the tooth is more likely to cause problems, but this is not true. Typically, a second root canal on the same tooth can function for just as many years as a tooth with one root canal. It is not uncommon for teeth to last a lifetime if a root canal is done in a timely manner, even if the root canal has to be redone at some point.

Extraction May Be the Only Alternative to Root Canal Retreatment

If you do opt to avoid a second root canal, the usual alternative is simply extracting the tooth. Without retreatment, the tooth will further deteriorate, so decay can lead to a multitude of problems and risks, such as a dental abscess. Of course, if you do opt for extraction, you may have other cosmetic options such as having a dental implant placed or obtaining a partial denture.

Work with a Root Canal Dentist in Thornton, CO

Secondary root canals are common, and the procedure is a straightforward one that can preserve the life of your tooth. If you believe you need root canal retreatment, please reach out to us at Colorado Root Canal Specialist in Thornton, CO to schedule an appointment.

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