3 Things You Should Know Before You Get a Root Canal

Getting a root canal can be a scary thing, especially if you’ve never had this type of work done on your tooth before. The more you know about root canal procedures, the better it is when you come in to get work done. Your root canal dentist in Thornton, CO, can help answer your questions. Below are some things that might help you to know before you come in for your first root canal procedure.

1. A root canal is what the dentist does if the inside of your tooth becomes infected.

Many people need a root canal when their tooth has become cracked or decay has eaten into the sensitive pulp inside their tooth and infection has set in. The longer the infection goes on, the worse it gets. If you don’t see the dentist and the inside of your tooth is infected, it will only become more painful and could spread to other parts of your body.

2. It most likely won’t hurt.

Many people say that the most painful part of the root canal is what came before the root canal even began. Needing a root canal hurts! However, when you come in for the procedure itself, the dentist will numb the area, and you shouldn’t feel much discomfort.

3. The root canal can help save your tooth.

Without a root canal, you may end up needing your tooth extracted. The root canal can help save your tooth, so it’s important to go to the dentist as soon as you notice pain or discomfort in your mouth.

At Colorado Root Canal Specialist, we perform root canal procedures in Thornton, CO. If you’ve been told you need a root canal, call today to make your next appointment.

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